The 42nd Air Assault Regiment Arma2 Realism Unit

Updates and news-(updated 05-01-10)

 The 42nd HAS MOVED visit

This is the new site, The unit is upgrading and moving on strong as can be command staff thanks all that made this possible



The Website has undergone a minor redesign to make enough room for everything on the page. Awards and Medal have been updated for everyone on the site, if I've forgotten anyone please ask me to update your profile.

We now also have our vent info up on the website so if your new to the site feel free to join us on vent. As well we now also have our pub stats up on the website located below, so get on the pub and get in the top ten, while your on there recruit a few new guys to the unit. 

Don't Forget the stuff you see here and the server you play in isn't free if you can please isn't required but any little bit helps even one dollar. Just click the donate button below, everything is secure and confidential.

 As always we now have a tool bar that steams live updates and messages as well as links to everything you need download. It is free of charge and keeps up to date on all the squads events with live alerts right to your desktop...Just Click it to download it

Version 1.0

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